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avatar.gifDonna DesRoches
I am the Learning Resources Consultant for the Living Sky School Division. I have been a teacher-librarian for almost 26 years and 20 of those years were spent at the North Battleford Comprehensive High School. I loved the tools of Web 2.0 but more importantly I am challenged by the way that they are forcing me rethink learning, teaching and teacher-librarianship for the 21st Century. I have also recorded an introduction and greeting using Evoca a program which allows you to record your voice. It then creates the code which you can paste into blogs, wikis and web pages. If you feel adventurous give it a try.

Web Sites:
Illuminated Dragon
Classroom Tech Tips
Teacher-librarian 2.0
Learning and Technology

Carlene Walter

avatar_small_whitebox.jpgI am a teacher-librarian, grade two mathematics teacher, and online IP30 teacher for the Prairie Spirit School Division. I have been a teacher for almost twenty years and a teacher-librarian for ten years. For the past three years, I have also been an online technology tutor for university students. Intrigued by Web 2.0 technology, I began exploiting its possibilities as an integral part of the instructional landscape. As the information landscape has shifted, I began to realize the need to redefine the critical literacy skills is necessary to access, use, and engage knowledgebly in conversation.

My image is called an avatar. An avatar is a representation of yourself or whoever you want to be. You can create an avatar at Yahoo! Avatars. Create a Yahoo account if you do not already have one. Click on the tabs to choose a gender for your avatar, a background, apparel, etc. To save your avatar, click on Export in the right box. Change the format to .jpg. Right click on the avatar and click on Save. You can now insert your image into Web pages, blogs, wikis, and documents. Try to add an avatar to your introduction!

Web Sites:
Library Learning 2.0
Eclectech Librarian

Meet The Stars Participants

Charlene Leaderhouse
external image 1T1ELucC0AAEB4CS6RKbrxPgA.large.jpgI work in the Prince Albert Catholic School Division. I have been a teacher for almost thirteen years and this is my fourth year as a teacher-librarian. I teach a variety of subjects from Grade 3-8. This year I have also taken on the role as a tech. support person, so I am looking forward to learning many new things in this workshop. I am also the vice-president of the SSLA.
It's a sad day when your avatar looks better in jeans than you do!!!

Charlene - welcome to Meet the Stars! Sounds like you are juggling many roles - classroom teacher, TL, tech support and STF/SSLA. I hope that this course provides you with tools that you can use in all of these roles. Donna

Jane Glen
external image 1s5ZSCeZ2AAEC-IFD4ESvmVkB.large.pngI work in 2 elementary schools in the Saskatoon Public system. I have been a teacher- librarian for 12 years and think it's the best job in the world. Last year, a number of us attended a technology conference and were inspired to incorporate technology into our teaching and learning. Although my preference would have been to remain a "digital dinosaur", it didn't seem fair to bury my head in the sand. Although exciting, this has been an upward learning curve for me. I have started a library blog which is very much a work in progress. At this point, it is not allowing me to upload any more podcasts; so we're hoping that changes. If you have a moment to check it out, please provide me with any feedback you might have.

Jane - I like your book blog - what a great way to introduce students to a wide variety of books and to let staff know about new arrivals. I did try to listen to a couple of the podcasts but there was an error loading the file. Do you know what the problem is? Wow! You say you just started using these tools in May and already you have blog that you post to regularly and have added podcasts?! You have come a long way in a very short time. Donna
Thanks for looking at it- I don't know what the problem is with the podcasts- it happens from time to time and apparently is a problem with Edublogs. Then, out of the blue, they work again. So it makes it a bit frustrating for everyone.
Very impressive Jane! -Diane
Heh- the podcasts are working again! Yeah!!

avatar_librarian.jpgDiane Barsi
OK! OK! I don't really wear my skirts this short! I'm also a teacher-librarian at two elemenatry schools in the Saskatoon Public system. I've had great fun creating my avatar and look forward to learning a whole lot more and sharing it with my colleagues!

Diane - welcome to Meet the Stars. I hope that you become as enthusiastic as I have about these wonderful Web 2.0 tools. Now that I see these great avatars I need to and make one for myself. I want to look good in jeans and short skirts!

I too have a book blog. I tried it last year with some grade 8s and then decided to revamp it for this year. I'm very pleased that I got my avatar on it. Mine's very simple. Blog

avt_robbinsjakesa_large.jpg Alison Robbins Jakes
Hi everyone! I work as a teacher librarian in the Saskatoon Public School Divison and divide my time between two schools. As a relative newcomer to the library I have been on a learning curve for the past four years and the technology aspect has always been my biggest hurdle/fear/challenge! I look forward with some trepidation at delving into this unknown territory to expand my general knowledge and hopefully take away enough information to share with others at my schools. (If I don't get it, I will pack my bags and head off to the forest ..... with a good book of course!!)

Chris.jpgChris Arnstead
In my avatar I am trying to prolong that "on holidays" summertime feeling. I am the teacher librarian at Balfour Collegiate with Regina Public Schools. This is my second year in a high school setting. All my previous teaching experience was in the elementary system with the final four years in the TL program. I took my Masters in Education in Teacher Librarianship online from the University of Alberta and really enjoyed the experience. I am looking forward to learning and sharing with all of you.

Denise Rossmo-Wiegersexternal image 12LIvzipjAAEC-IFDLL7dCQ==.large.png?.intl=au

Hi! I am a teacher librarian at two elementary schools in Saskatoon. I have been teaching for 23 years and the last 7 years have been as a teacher librarian. I love my job!! I am interested in becoming more technologically literate and I thought this would be a great way to do so. As you can see with the placement of my avatar, (I meant to place it closer to the edge of the page), I have a lot to learn. I'm a little nervous about everything but I'll try my best. (I may be joining Alison in the forest with a good book).

Loretta Morhart

Questioning_Soldier.jpgI am a teacher librarian at St. Mary High School in the Prince Albert Catholic School Division. I was a high school classroom teacher in Manitoba for 8 years (science, math, english, computers). I then became a computer software writer/developer (math, chemistry) and worked out of my home for 10 years while my 3 children were young. (Three children within 3.5 years!). I have been in my present position for 1.5 years and it has been a perfect fit for me! I am soooooo excited about this opportunity to learn more about technology and how to incorporate it into the library and the classroom. I know that I will have a lot of questions . . . but I will "soldier on" . . . hence my choices for my avatar. :)
PS I am the Networking member on the 2007-2008 SSLA executive

Jan avt_vincecaswelrc_large.jpg
Hi! I'm Jan. I am a Teacher-Librarian in Saskatoon at two community schools. I have been teaching for 29 years but this is only my third year in the library. I look forward in becoming more technologically literate and sharing new books and ideas with other TL's.

Kim Johnson

I am a teacher librarian at Lakeridge and Roland Michener Schools. I am not adding more now because everyone is ahead of me at this point so I need to get on to the next task.

Brenda Nissen
Hi all.. No avatar until I have more time. I love seeing everyone's else's. I'm a T.L. at North Park Wilson, Sask. Public. This is my 6th year as a TL and I love it though it's been a very steep learning curve. I learn something new every day and this project will certainly be a new adventure for me in technology.

Audrey Gray
I am a teacher librarian at Marion M. Graham Collegiate in the Saskatoon Public School Division. I am in my eleventh year as a teacher librarian prior to which I was an English teacher. I am looking forward to learning how to use new technologies such as blogs which are a cool way for students to respond to books and to share their responses with other students. They make literacy an interactive activity.

Ruth Garnett

I have been an elementary TL in Saskatoon for the last 13 years, after having taught K-Gr. 6 in my earlier years. Looking forward to this technology journey - although I did complete my TL Diploma as an online student through the U of A program, the technology world has changed immensely since then. Can't seem to get enough........I have now discovered some new tech stuff. I have been alternately using both a Mac and PC to view and edit. Macs do not support a visual editing, so it is considerably more tricky, but do-able.

Lucille Dubé

I have now been teaching for 28 years. Most of my career I was teaching in the French Immersion program at both the elementary and secondary levels. I am presently the Teacher Librarian (and AV Coordinator) at Walter Murray Collegiate in the Saskatoon Public School Division, which seeks to meet the needs of a diverse clientele of students from the Modified Program to the Advanced and French Immersion Programs. I am starting my 9th year in this challenging but rewarding position and am looking forward to this new adventure into techology. Like Ruth, I have been working on both a Mac and PC and found getting started a bit of a challenge.


Tanya Beattie

I can't believe that I am beginning my second year as Teacher Librarian at City Park Collegiate in Saskatoon. I actually made it through that first year - amazing!!! Work is busy. I am spread quite thin right now as the Teacher Librarian position is only a .5 and currently our .2 library tech. position has not been filled. Home is also busy. I have 3 children. My six year old daughter has just started grade 1 and is having a tough time adjusting to the longer days. My twin boys just turned four and started preschool. I have been enjoying this 2.0 journey. I only wish that I had more time to do all of the things that I need to do.

After I attended the technology conference last spring, I developed a wiki for CPCI. I had been finding it difficult to share good links with staff members. This has been working quite well, and some staff have now started adding links to the wiki.
City Park Library Wiki

Thanks for the opportunity to look at your wiki - very nice - and isn't it easy to update? Not like a static web page! I notice that you have a link to TeacherTube. Do you and/or your teachers find many useful resources there? -- Donna

Stephanie Olson

Stephanie Olson

I am a teacher-librarian/music teacher in Moose Jaw at Lindale Elementary School. I have taught 28 years and 21 of those have been as TL. I appreciate Donna and Carlene's willingness to share their knowledge with us all.

Hello Stephanie. Donna and I are so glad to have you share in this learning journey. You have taught Saskatchewan teacher-librarians so much about engaging students in powerful reading experiences.

Great Avatar Stephanie! Grey hair and all!!

Colleen Mitchell

My school division is Holy Trinity in Moose Jaw. I am teacher-librarian 20% at St. Mary, 30% at Sacred Heart and RBL consultant 50% for the division. I have been teaching for 23 years and I am in my 13th year as teacher-librarian. I too, appreciate the time and effort Donna and Carlene are devoting to instructing slow learners like myself.

Hello Colleen! We are all learners. I remember attending your sessions on building students strategies to become proficient readers. You have a lot to offer to Saskatchewan teacher-librarians.

Tricia McEwen

I am a vice-principal/prep relief teacher/sharing the teacher librarian job at St. Michael Community School in the P.A.R.C.S.S.D. 6 in Prince Albert. I have been teaching for 13 years and this is about my 7th year of having teacher librarian as part of my role. I am excited to learn about this technology but hope I can keep up since at lot of this has been new vocabulary so far!!

Lynda Erlandson

I am RBL Consultant for Northwest School Division. I have been in this role for seven years now and have learned a great deal as the role has expanded. You can learn a lot by looking over the shoulders of students and working with teachers on a variety of projects. Previous to moving here I taught in various subject areas from High School Math and Information Processing to Middle Years Art and a grade 5/6 classroom. I look forward to working here where two interests ... books and technology meet. No avatar this week. Hopefully next week will be less hectic and I can devote more time to this.

Marge Roszell

I am a teacher-librarian with the Saskatoon Public System. I am looking forward to learning so many cool things. However I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed at this time. We shall see in a few weeks how it is going. More about me later.

Michelle Lahti

Hi, I have been teaching for 14 years and this is my second year as a TL. I have been working at Perdue School for the last seven years. I am looking forward to learning as many short cuts as possible, we could all use the help in lessening our workload. So far I have enjoyed our first assignment.

Bev Scheirer

Bev_Avatar.jpgHello! I am a teacher-librarian and principal at St. Francis School in the P.A. Catholic S.D. I have been a teacher-librarian and a consultant over the past 9 years. I completed my Masters in Curriculum Studies with a Library Science Focus several years ago and I find that so much has changed in the area of technology and I need try keep up with new and exciting ways for students to learn. I have learned so much all ready that I am eager to try with students. When I wasn't working on this project, I also went to my first yoga class this week!

Amy Williams

amy.jpgHi, This is my first year at Bready School. I am both the principal and the teacher-librarian. It is also my first year in the library. I have many questions and ideas and find it very exciting to be in the library. I consider it a life long goal to be a teacher-librarian. I look forward to learning from all of you and the exchange of ideas.

Florence Barton

Hi! I am Florence Barton, Teacher Librarian at 2 elementary schools in Saskatoon. I have been a TL for forever and love my work. I am very fortunate to work with an outstanding group of TLs in Saskatoon Public Schools. A group of us attended the SSLA Conference and the IT Summit in the spring and left very excited, thinking about how we can use Web 2.0 tools to help our students and teachers have exciting and meaningful learning experiences. There are sooo many opportunities to engage our learners! Members of our TL group have made a real commitment to improving their technological literacy this year. Thanks to Donna and Carlene for providing leadership for this learning experience. Not only do we learn about Wikis but we also get to know some of our colleagues from around the province.

Kathy Probert

Hello from Brownell School (one half of my teacher-librarian life). I have returned to the role of teacher-librarian after a 14 year classroom stint (which I loved too.) I am busy this fall "catching up" to TL technology and reading many children's books. It's great to be interacting with teacher-librarians, which as we all know, are a special group!

Andrea Thom

Hi from the Northwest School Division! I have started my 5th year of teaching here at H. Hardcastle School in Edam. About 15% of my teaching time is dedicated to being a Teacher-Librarian/RBL. The rest of my day is spent doing 7-12 Home Ec, 7-9 Health and some elementary science. My days are action-packed and this year so far has been a lot of fun! I have already learned so much from disruptive innovators and have enjoyed the opportunity to learn all of this new stuff!

Bea Kofoed
Hi from the South East Cornerstone School Division. I started my career as a French 7-12 teacher and over the years have taught nearly every grade some subject. My degree was in School Librarianship and I have been working in that capacity for the last 10 years as teacher-librarian/RBL. Presently I work from the Division Office dealing with coordinating the new LAS (library automated system) and training of staff to operate the system. I look forward to disruptive innovators as a learning experience and a site that I can recommend to others to learn from.