Inquiry Tools Smackdown

SSLA Conference (Saskatoon)- May 2010
BLTCA Conference (Kelowna) - October 2010

Carlene Walter and Donna DesRoches


In this session, the presenters will facilitate an Inquiry Tools Smackdown – a showcase of social media tools to help students engage in inquiry learning. Teacher-librarians are uniquely poised to assist to guide inquiries into topics, problems, and issues related to curriculum content and outcomes and to help students probe for deep meaning and cultivate the comprehension of new knowledge into a repurposed action.

As strong advocates for the development of literacy skills, teacher-librarians must be aware of emerging technologies and opportunities for their applications to help students develop an inquiry stance in order for to build a deeper understanding of their world and human experience.

This is a period of Fluid Learning.
  • Capture Everything
  • Share Everything
  • Open Everything
  • Only Connect

Characterized by creating, collaborating, connecting, and conversations, audience participation and suggestions will form a part of this interactive session. However, you may want to heed the warning issued by the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) before unleashing these tools in your learning environment.


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