Meet The Stars: Books & Web 2.0

motivatorposter_small.jpgThe vicarious star-studded glamour of the Hollywood era provides a backdrop for a professional development opportunity available to Saskatchewan teacher-librarians. Designed to engender a passion for reading and exploit the potential of a range of emerging technologies, Meet The Stars: Books & Web 2.0 explores all facets of the school library program - information literacy and the reading and literature programs. Meet The Stars is poised to become an overnight sensation in Saskatchewan libraries.

Remaining abreast of exciting new releases and then finding the time to read the novels, much less promote them in an exciting booktalk, can overwhelm teacher-librarians. Joyce Valenza, in her blog post Booktalking 2.0, discusses teacher-librarians can "share our booktalks, and in true 2.0 style, we can involve learners in creating them. I love that we can link to or share a colleague's booktalk. Through the magic of streamed media, we can involve learners in creating them. I love that I don't have to create them all from scratch."

About this Course

Meet The Stars is divided into two parts - book promotion and the information literacy cycle.
  • Part One - In The Spotlight: Using a list of potential book award winners, participants explore ways to reflect upon, critically examine, and promote the literature through professional dialogue and emerging technologies.
  • Part Two - The Backlot: Illustrating the information literacy cycle, participants develop their repertoire of search tools, pathfinders, and online organizational tools.
Each part consists of four learning blocks, with each block organized as follows:
  • Introduction: Major concepts addressed in the block are introduced
  • Block Overview: Description of the Web 2.0 tool and its relevance to teacher-librarianship
  • Outcomes: Overarching statements about the expected learning. The outcomes are based on the 2007 International Society for Technology in Education's (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards) for students.
  • Achievement Indicators: Skills, understandings, and knowledge required to use and apply specific Web 2.0 toolstryitout.jpg.
  • Learning Activities: Readings, relevant sites, and specific activities required to attain achievement indicators. The icon, Try it Out!, denotes an activity to complete.
  • Learning Resources: Tutorials to help accomplish the tasks and further resources to extend your knowledge.
  • Time Frame: Each of the blocks of learning should take one week to complete. We encourage participants to work within this time frame. The depth of conversation that is intended to occur depends on responding to each other's work in a timely manner.


Part One - In The Spotlight

Block One: The Nominees

An introduction to the list of nominated books and the impact of emerging technologies on traditional booktalks. Participants explore sites featuring book reviews (blogs, author Web sites, and book review sites) and build a list of their favourite links.

Block Two: The Review

Be the critic! Create a blog as a means to communicate thoughts about the potential award-winning books - questions that were not answered explicitly, but inspired by the text, the author’s ability to evoke detailed and richly descriptive images, etc.

Block Three: You Oughta Be In Pictures

Advertise your book! Use image generators to provide a book teaser or to communicate, encapuslate, and emotionalize memorable moments in the nominated book.

Block Four: Lewis Theatre

Take on the role of the director. Turn your book into a movie. Premiere your movie and view other's contributions.

Part Two - The Backlot

Block Five: Behind The Scenes

Explore a variety of technological resources that can be used to gather and synthesize information and to create and communicate knowledge.

Block Six - The Talent Agent

Redesign activities to discourage plagerism and foster critical and creative thinking.

Block Seven: Digital Citizenship

Explore the norms of behaviour in regards to technological use (etiquette, responsibility,security, etc.) in order to practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology.

Block Eight: The Screenwriter

Create a product that synthesizes your learning in Meet The Stars - the benefits of participatory culture, including opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, a changed attitude toward intellectual property, the diversification of cultural expression, the development of skills valued by the twenty-first century learner, and a more empowered conception of citizenship.


Donna DesRoches and Carlene Walter
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